Camping Tents: Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing

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Camping Tents: Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing

Whether you are new to camping and shopping for outdoor tents for the first time, or a seasoned wilderness explorer looking to replace your worn out gear you will need to know what to look for when buying a new tent. Spring is here and now is a great time to review the latest outdoor sports tents on the market and possibly even cash in on a few great deals from last years stock too. So here is a short buyer’s guide to get you started for 2018!

Camping Locations Warm


Define your basic needs. Ask yourself a few basic questions to get started:

1) Location, location, location! What type of environment do you expect to encounter on your trip? Will you be enduring the heat or braving the cold? Will conditions be mostly we or mostly dry, or both? Many of the tents available on today’s market are designed for specific conditions (i.e. Vents, Rain Shields, Advanced Materials, etc.) and knowing what you will be facing out there could mean the difference between waking up warm and dry or cold and wet.

2) Size is another important factor to consider when buying camping tents. Although most camping tent suppliers indicate a maximum capacity of campers on their product, these numbers are often misleading and do not take into account the space needed for camping gear nor do they take into account the needs of persons of above average height and/or weight. Take special note of dimensions before purchasing camping tents.

3) Price. There are many camping tent suppliers out there and prices can vary drastically for similar or even identical products so do your homework. Even the cheapest tents can provide excellent performance if you know what to look for. Outdoor tents for sale on the internet are often cheaper but you lose the opportunity to view and inspect the product yourself.

4) Product Life. Not all outdoor camping tents are created equally and the frequency with which you plan to use it can make all the difference in getting the best value for your money. If you are planning on making more than one or two camping trips this year than it may be worth it to invest a little bit more and shop for camping tents that are made from higher grade materials. Many high end outdoor sports tents come with excellent warranties and some camping tent suppliers even offer their own in-house guarantees. Shop around.

5) Activity. What do you plan to do with your camping tent? Whether you are planning on hiking, fishing, hunting or canoeing, there are a multitude of outdoor sports tents designed with specific activities in mind. This may include some simple accessories or the camping tents may even be specifically designed to accommodate specific gear. Weight is important as well. It may be worth it to shop for outdoor sports tents that sacrifice durability for decreased weight, especially if you planned activities require you to carry a lot of gear.


And finally, don’t forget to ask other campers for advice. Many experienced camping enthusiasts are loyal to their brands and will proudly explain the reasoning behind their purchase in great detail. Their experience may prove invaluable to you and could make all the difference in your camping trip. Happy trails!

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