Sleeping Bags

Rendering a decision about purchasing the right sleeping bag shouldn’t keep you up at night. Understandably, when you look at all the different northwest sleeping bags available today, it’s enough to make anyone confused. The key to the right bag is selecting one that suits the elements as well as your personal needs. PNW sleeping bags gives you the best selection for northwest climate camping. When camping in the pacific northwest the right seattle sleeping bags are a must have because the temperature changes so often. We have some tips here on our Seattle sleeping bag shop to help you find the right sleeping bags.


Temperature and Camping


The specified temperature ratings need to be taken with a grain of salt. The rating that comes with the bag represents the lowest temperature in which that sleeping bag should be used. Keep in mind temperature ratings are created with the assumption that you are using a sleeping pad. When you lay in a sleeping bag, you are compressing the fill material (whether down or synthetic), thus reducing the loft and insulating capabilities of the bag. A sleeping pad puts another couple inches of insulation between you and the cold ground, increasing the effectiveness of the bag. When considering temperature ratings, there are a few variables to take into consideration, but as noted above, it all boils down to personal needs and preferences.


Sleeping Metabolism


Everybody has a different sleeping metabolism, which is a critical indicator as to what bag you will need. It is important to take into account whether you are a hot or cold sleeper. Understand that the temperature ratings on the bag may actually be 10F inaccurate for you, in either direction depending on how you sleep. Think about whether you are a hot or cold sleeper before making a purchase since this will influence your decision.


Sleeping Bag Construction


There are several key parts in a sleeping bag’s construction, including the shell, the lining and the insulation. The insulation can be rendered of a synthetic material or down, both of which are durable and light.

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