Fire Pits

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of a flaming fire secured in a decorative fire pit on your patio or in the backyard. You can also take some of our fire pits with you when you go camping. There’s nothing more relaxing then gathering around a fire pit on a crisp beautiful night.


Fire pits come in various shapes, designs and sizes. A simple barrel or a permanent structure in your backyard or patio can serve you well provided all the safety measures are met. Choosing the right fire pit design guarantees you the warmth and comfort of a flaming fire.


There’s nothing more relaxing than gathering around your decorative fire pit on a beautiful calm night. If you are giving the fire pit some thought, always remember that size and the style depends on your outdoor/backyard space. Here are the other factors to consider.


Fire style- from the square versions to the low table-like fire bowls, you can choose one depending on space/location. A stationary pit best suits the backyard while the bowl version can perfectly fit anywhere since it can be moved more easily.


Fuel type- choosing between gas and wood burning fuel is a no-brainer. A wood pit is much more cost effective than propane gas. Wood pit will also give you the real feeling of a campfire.


Material- some of the available materials include stone, tile, copper and stainless steel. Stone could be heavier and more stable while stainless steel could be pricey. The latter is, however, rain and rust-resistant. For something standard, a copper version will do.


Some of the best fire bits design include; the fire pit coffee table, posh pit, and the garden fire pit. Depending on your taste and preference; you can choose the contemporary or the classical fire pit styles to complete your home’s interior/ exterior design.

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