Any time you take an adventurous journey into the mountains make sure you are well equipped with an automatic Tanto knife. SOG TAC survival knives are a life saver in emergency and disaster situations while you are stranded or lost in the woods.


There are different styles of automatic survival knives that I have that come in handy with certain situations. The Applegate Fairbairn survival knife is perfect if you get stranded in the mountains and need to fend for yourself to create shelter and skin your next meal as it features a combo edge blade.


Other knives like the HRT ops automatic knife are good for carving firewood and for protection against danger. Make sure you are always prepared when you go camping, hiking, backpacking or any other activities in the wilderness with a CRKT M16 survival knife, epidemic OTF automatic knife or other SOG TAC survival knives to protect you and help you survive.


Be sure to visit frequently as I will be adding more knives on a weekly/monthly basis and may have some specials coming up involving the black SOG TAC automatic knife and other knives.


Knives are a crucial tool to have whenever you take adventures outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing or doing yard work, having the best knives is an important factor. We advertise many different knives from trusted brands including Smith & Wessen, Tac-Force and more.

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