Fishing Line

Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies that you can have. Fishing is a whole lot more fun when you are out camping. Fishing line plays a major role in providing the best possible fishing experience. If your fishing line isn’t strong enough, you may lose that big lunker you sought after on your fishing trip. There are various types of fishing line available.


The monofilament line is less expensive and comes with a great variety, being easy to tie knots and it’s one of the most popular fishing line types and uses are endless. The clear and blue type of monofilament line are the more popular styles as opposed to others because they are harder for the fish to recognize.


The braid fishing line is also another very popular fishing line. They are very strong, much more stronger than monofilament fishing line. This allows the the line to sink, cast and troll better than that of monofilament fishing line. Braid fishing line also allows you to feel every tug of the fish when it bites and during the fight of reeling it in.


Other fishing line types and uses come in various other syles and fishing line brands. Some of these styles and best brands of fishing line for sale include, flurocarbon fishing line, wire fishing line and fly fishing line which are also very useful depending on the style of fishing you plan on doing. The flurocarbon fishing line is actually completely invisible underwater which makes it an excellent compliment to the braid.


These fishing lines come with various fishing line brands. Berkley Trilene being shock resistant is known for its strength while your fishing for larger species of fish. Brands like Stren are popular for its amazing durability and its handling performance in coastal and offshore fishing, while brands like South Bend are ideal for catching smaller size fish. Spiderwire is also a popular brand which can go over long distances and comes clear and colorless making it difficult for the fish to see.


When we talk about fishing line for trout fish and fishing line for crappie fishing which are a main source of food for humans and wildlife over the years. Crystal clear monofilament line works best for catching trout. While Berkle is good as well, a 10lb Spiderwire on a trolling set up with flurocarbon leader works better.


While choosing a fishing line weight, style and brand can be difficult at times, it proves how important fishing line is for fishing. Bottom line is that if you have the right fishing line for the type of fishing you will be doing, the better the fishing experience will be.

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