Fishing Rods

To enjoy fishing, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert angler, however if you lack the appropriate equipment you won’t get to far. Especially if you don’t have the right style of fishing rod. When choosing a fishing rod, you need to consider some things such as where you’ll be fishing (rivers, lakes, streams etc), the type of bait you will be using as well as the type of fish that you are fishing for.


Rods differ in various factors such as length, weight (rod’s strength), as well as the action (how far it will bend before spinning back.)

Casting Rods:


The casting rods are also known as cast rods. They are specifically designed to hold a casting reel mounted just above the rod. These rods are th easiest rods to use. They have a simple push button line release designed for casting as well as an enclosed nose cone where the line goes out of the reel.


These rods are the least expensive fishing rods available. If you are a first time angler then these are the best fishing rods for beginners. They are suitable for lakes and river fishing. They can handle heavier line as well as cover (rocks, weeds etc.) These are great fishing rods for trout.


Spinning Rods:


Spinning rods hang just beneath the rod. They require some technique, as your second and third fingers must stradding the reel leg where it attaches to the rod.


It’s advantageous in a way that it allows you to use your dominat hand to hold the rod which increases the control. Due to its weight hanging below the rod, it’s more comfortable even fishing for extended periods of time. These are more common fishing rods for bass and sports fishing.


Bait Casting Rods:


Bait Casting rods allow their spool to sit perpendicularly to the rod rather than parallel. They are also called revolving spool rod because of their movement during both casting and retrieving. To tackle these types of rods, you will need more practice and skill. However, once you’ve mastered these rods you will have more accuracy for pinpoint casting.


Fly Casting Rods:


Fly casting rods use artificial flies that are extremely light thus making them impossible to cast via most reels and rods. These casters use special line as well as certain rods that allow even the smallest flies to be casted long distances. Fly rods are fairly matched to the lines weight to enhance the best casting results.


Spin Casting Rods:


These spin casting rods have a stationary spool which has a line that leaves as well as returns at the spool on the end. The spool in the spin casting rod is closed so you can’t see it. The line is released using the thumb button which is at the reel back.


There are a lot of fishing rods for sale from multiple fishing rods brands including daiwa d shock fishing rods, black widow fishing rods, abu garcia fishing rods, fishing rods for saltwater, rods for freshwater fishing and more.


These fishing rods are recommendable for the fishing styles that are most common and used by millions of people. The mentiontion fishing rods above are among the best and most popular to use in various fishing environments. Check out the fishing rods best brands today and enjoy the entire experience of fishing.

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