Hatchets are a great tool for camping, hiking and use around the yard. We offer some of the best hatchets available online. Browse our selection and see if you find the best hatchets for camping.



There are many must-have tools when roughing it out in the wild. One of the most important tools is the hatchet. This is a great tool for camping, hiking and use around the yard. The best hatches for camping serve several different purposes.


The hatchet features a long sturdy handle made of wood, metal, or plastic.


Unique survival uses for a hatchet:


Starting a fire:


A hatchet serves as an alternative method for starting fire. This tool is efficient at cutting large pieces of wood for fire-starting. Besides, it can be used to strike against rocks to create sparks. Due to its sharp edge , it makes it easier to kindle.


They can be used as a hammer:


The back end of a solid hatchet works as a hammer to serve the user out in the woods in an extremely wide variety of purposes. For instance, it can be used to drive nails into pieces of wood or drive stakes into the ground.


Defense weapon against predators:


The hatchet makes an excellent self-defense weapon against predators in the woods. The hatchet provides campers with protection from any threatening animal such bears, wolves and others.


Snow/Ice cutting:


During winter camping, this tool can be used for cutting through ice or hard snow. The need for cutting through ice may arise when a camper needs to chisel out a snow cave shelter or dig a hole for fire. The hatchet will save the hands from freezing and make the process extremely easier.


Cutting wood for a splint:


In the event of an injury involving a broken or fractured bones, a hatchet can be used to fasten a splint for a broken arm or leg.


Although its sometimes overlooked as an essential component, the hatchet is an absolute must have in a survival toolkit.


One important consideration when purchasing a hatchet is its weight. A lightweight hatchet is easier and more convenient to use.


With the right hatchet, one can have a lot of fun when out camping. Some of the best hatches for camping that are considered handy and affordable include:


1. Camping axe with American Hickory handle

2. Coleman steel rubber handle camp axe

3. Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Hatchet Axe

4. Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle Wooden Axe

5. Estwing 16 Inch All Steel Camper’s Axe

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