Baseball Bats

Baseball is a sport which brings everyone together and gets everyone to have a great time. As important as the sport is, so is the sports equipment. It is very imperative to know at least the basics of the different types of Baseball bats available out there. If you are a Baseball player, enthusiast or even enjoy being a spectator of the sport. Listed below are a few categories of Baseball bats to expand your knowledge about the great sport:


The Wooden Bat


The usage of the Wooden baseball bat can be traced back to the time when the sport was incepted. It can be used by adults as well as the youth, the pros or the beginners both can make use of this bat. This type of baseball bat mainly has three types of wood that they are made of which are Ash, Birch and Maple. Ash bats can be very flexible but at the same time it also has a drawback, it can get splintered over the course of time. The Birch baseball bat is extremely resilient and again really flexible but its soft wood can be a shortcoming. Lastly, the great density of the Maple bat happens to be a massive differentiation among other wooden bats but in areas with high humidity, it can disappoint you with its performance.


The Aluminum bat


Aluminum bats are very hard-wearing and resilient with fair amount of flexibility and are used mainly in High school and College baseball. Due to having the characteristic of being so light as compared to other bats, it is easy to swing an Aluminum bat. This is why they can be a great fit for the youth players and beginners.


The Composite bat


The perfect suit of beginner players, composite bats are incredibly light even as compared to the Aluminum bat. This is why at the beginner level, using a composite bat can give you fair amount of practice to then upgrade to using other bats after reaching a higher level with your hitting mechanics. These bats are costlier than Aluminum bats because of the sense of ease, lightness and durability. The materials used in the making of a Composite bat are plastic, Graphite and even Titanium at times.


The Hybrid type


The Hybrid type of baseball bat is a result of the combination of the features of Aluminum and Composite bats. It comprises of all the merits of both the types of bats and on even a brighter side, the Hybrid type has overcome all the shortcomings of the Composite and Aluminum bats. They have a long life as they don’t suffer dents or other problems like other types of bats. Because of all these advantages the Hybrid bats are extremely heavy on the pocket.


The classification also depends on the age group as it can be divided as Adult baseball bats and Youth baseball bats. The bats used by players whose age ranges from seven to twelve are considered youth usually. The types of bats used by the adult and youth are mostly metal and wooden itself.


Some of the most popular wood baseball bat brands include Mizuno, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, DeMarini and Easton. The most popular and highest quality of the c core baseball bat is Easton hands down as well as DeMarini. No matter if you’re looking for wooden baseball bats, aluminum bats, composite bats or Easton youth baseball bats for sale, we have a growing selection for you to choose from. Plan It Outdoors from Seattle is now offering baseball bats and all baseball gear.

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