XL Hooded All Season Sleeping Bag

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XL Hooded All Season Sleeping Bag


Notable features of the XL Hooded All Season Sleeping Bag that can make your buying descision easier.

Travels Well: weighing in under 2.8 pounds and compressing down to 15 x 8 x 8 inches, best for year-round backpacking and camping.

Fits Most: with a dimension of 88×34 inches, our large sleeping bag fits almost anyone up to the height of 6’6.

4 Season Temperature Rating: this bag is designed to be comfortably used at temperatures 32-60° F. At its extreme, this bag can be used at 25° F (assuming dry, ideal conditions).


Tough Construction: our ripstop waterproof shell keeps you dry, while the high loft fill and soft woven liner keep you comfortable and warm especially in cold weather. The bag is designed with baffles around the neck and zipper to prevent heat from escaping. We construct all our bags with two zippers, allowing you to partially open the bag on a warmer night.