Slumberjack Borderland 20°F Sleeping Bag

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The Slumberjack Borderland 20°F Sleeping Bag is your perfect solution for staying warm with the freedom to use your arms. With VELCRO® tabs and a dual zipper design, you’ll be able to stay covered from head to toe while keeping your arms available to move.


A soft touch liner and layered, offset quilt construction will also help keep you warm. The Borderland 20° Sleeping Bag will provide you with the perfect mix of comfort and freedom.




Temp rating: 20° F
Bag shape: mummy
Layered, offset quilt construction
Soft touch liner for improved comfort
External VELCRO® tabs combined with dual zippers create “arms out” functionality
Full length dual zipper design improves ventilation and comfort
Heavy duty #8 zipper with anti-snag protection
Right zipper extends around footbox for increased ventilation and versatility
Draft tubes along zippers keep out cold air and prevent heat loss
Internal chest pocket keeps personal items close
Compression stuff sack included