MUT EOD Black Multi-tool with Molle Sheath

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MUT EOD Black Multi-tool with Molle Sheath


The MUT EOD Black Multi-tool with Molle Sheath has its outstanding features same as any Leatherman in the sense of pliers, screwdriver and wire cutters only better! For instance, the wire cutter now has an option of replacement, whenever it is not functional, just pick another and voila!


As simple as so! The lanyard has been swapped with a clip that works more efficiently. The screwdriver heads are in separate pieces, and they can be kept safely within the knife. The MUT is a tool with a built in punch, saving you the drama of looking for a misplaced punch. When need be, the MUT can be used as a hammer. It enables the come-back process of removing any jammed material that may have been mistakenly inserted, for instance, stuck brass!


The tool is a very efficient and is a shooter day to day essential partner. Leatherman, however, may have thought to include a castle nut wrench within the MUT. Nevertheless, this does not hinder its incredible performance altogether. Get your MUT and shoot in style, other than shooting do not hesitate to engage in all the effective co-parts.