Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Purpose Tool

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Purpose Tool


Ultimate survival man Bear Grylls has collaborated with Gerber to make this Ultimate Multi Tool. Gerber is a standout amongst the trusted and famous brands for survival hardware, and this Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Purpose Tool is upheld by a certifiable lifetime guarantee.


The Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Purpose Tool has each tool you can consider! A can and bottle opener, wire cutters, pliers, saw, Phillips screw driver, Flat Head screw driver, Scissors and much more!


This multi-tool has a reduced folded size, hence it won’t involve an excessive amount of space in your backpack or clothing pockets, and lanyard ring gives a point of attachment.


This multi-tool additionally incorporates both a serrated edge and a fine edge, so you have the versatility of 2 knife sorts. The serrated edge is best for cutting ropes and other intense materials, while the plain edge is good for clean “push” cuts, so it can be utilized as a part of various circumstances.


Whether you have to skin creatures while hunting, gut and filet your catch following a day’s angling, or set up a supper and hack kindling, this multi-tool has you secured.