13pc Camping Mess Kit

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13pc Camping Mess Kit


Be Prepared for All Your Camping, Hiking or Backpacking Adventures and Equip Yourself with the 13pc Camping Mess Kit! Tired of eating canned and dehydrated food on all your camping, hiking and mountaineering adventures? Would you like to be able to carry all the necessary cooking utensils for preparing delicious, healthy meals, without having to pack heavy cookware in your backpack?


Then this 13pc Camping Mess Kit is for you!


Designed for the modern outdoor enthusiast, who doesn’t want to compromise quality for practicality, this mess kit is the perfect solution for survival, RV, biking trips or for enjoying family picnics in nature!


Package Includes:


Pot with cover 5.8” (diameter) x 2.8” (height)
Pan 6” (diameter) x 1.3” (height)
2 bowls 4.5” (diameter) x 1.5” (height)
Soup Spoon 3.2” (diameter)
Wooden spatula 4.4” (length)
7 in 1, stainless steel multitool with knife, fork, spoon, can, wine and beer opener 4.0” (length)
2 collapsible silicone cups 2.9” (diameter) x 3.3” (height)
PP cutting mat 5.8” (diameter)
Cleaning Sponge
Nylon dunk bag